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The Home Plate Recipe: Elote Dog

Join us in bringing the Las Vegas Ballpark to your own kitchen with DIY recipes of your favorite ballpark foods in a new series called "The Home Plate".

Welcome to the Home Plate, where we bring the Las Vegas Ballpark to your kitchen! We understand these are difficult times and you may be missing the ballpark atmosphere. Las Vegas Ballpark Executive Chef, Garry DeLucia, has shared his recipes for some of your favorite ballpark eats with us, so we’re sharing them with you!

Today we’re giving you the recipe for the Elote Dog, your traditional ballpark frank wrapped in bacon and topped with the flavorful Mexican street treat. This recipe will be grand slam for everyone in your family!

Serves 6

Serving size: 1 hot dog



6 Nathan’s Beef Franks

6 slices of thin-cut applewood smoked bacon

6 hot dog buns


6 oz. of roasted corn (about 3 ears of corn)

3 oz. of mayonnaise

1 oz. of chopped cilantro

.25 oz. lime juice

.5 oz of parmesan cheese


.25 oz. Tajin Spice

Crushed up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


1. Roast corn on the grill or on the pan. Wait until corn is cooled to the touch, then position the corn vertically and use a knife to cut off the kernels. Use your fingers to separate the kernels individually. Next, throw all separated kernels into a large bowl to begin prepping the elote corn mix.

2. In that same bowl, combine all of the

additional ingredients for the elote corn mix.

Set aside.

3. Take your bacon out and let it warm up for a couple minutes. Once it is pliable, wrap one slice around each hot dog from end to end. Be sure to tuck the end pieces into the

creases to lock it in.

4. Heat up a pan. Once it is at medium heat, add your hot dog to the pan tucked-side down. This will sear that side first and prevent the bacon from unraveling. Turn the hot dog evenly so it cooks all the bacon. Once all the bacon is cooked, the hot dog should be hot and cooked as well.

5. Assemble! Add your bacon hot dog to the bun. Layer on the elote corn mix.

6. Garnish with Tajin spice, and top with as

much Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust as you please!

7. Serve and enjoy!

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