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Live the Suite Life at Las Vegas Ballpark

Aviators fans looking for the ultimate VIP experience can find it inside a ballpark suite

Las Vegas Ballpark was designed with one objective in mind: Provide every guest who walks through the gates with an experience that's equally as memorable as it is enjoyable.

That's why the ballpark offers separate play areas for kids and adults. And why there's a contoured, state-of-the-art LED scoreboard to the left of the center-field wall and a rentable swimming pool to the right. And why every stadium seat is made of breathable mesh, why there are numerous top-notch food and beverage options, and why the concourse wraps 360 degrees, allowing all fans to appreciate the entire venue from multiple vantage points.

Indeed, everywhere fans turn at Las Vegas Ballpark, one cool experience leads to another. And nowhere is this truer than on the stadium's second level, which is home to 22 opulent suites where fans can enjoy Las Vegas Aviators games (as well as other events) in first-class style.

"In today's professional sports environment, it's important to supplement the entertainment on the field with a variety of immersive experiences," says Erik Eisenberg, the Aviators' vice president of ticket sales. "The idea behind our suites was to give fans the opportunity to elevate those immersive experiences to VIP-like levels, whether it's for just a single game or the entire year. If the early feedback we've received is any indication, we're definitely meeting a need for a certain segment of our fanbase, because the suites have been a huge hit since Opening Day."

Located along both baselines at Las Vegas Ballpark, each air-conditioned suite features all the modern-day amenities today's fans have come to expect, from a personal suite attendant and dedicated club-level outdoor seating to plush décor and elevated food and beverage menus. There are even three different suite configurations from which to choose: 18 regulation-size suites (nine on each side), two "owner's" suites (closest to home plate) and two large party suites (one each at the far end of the right- and left-field lines).

As of early June, 14 regulation suites and one owner's suite had been purchased for the season. The remaining eight suites - one owner's, one party and six regulation - are available for nightly rentals at three price points: $1,250 (regulation), $2,000 (owner's) and $2,750 (party).

At 750 square feet, the party suites are the biggest of the bunch, with each accommodating as many as 54 guests. Along with a spacious interior and comfy seating for more than a dozen, each party suite features 36 seats just outside the suite doors from which fans can take in the action on the field.

By comparison, the 500-square-foot owner's suite can accommodate up to 36 guests and has 24 dedicated stadium seats, while the 250-square-foot regulation suites have a 22-person capacity and come with access to 12 stadium seats.

Whether rented for a single game or purchased for an entire season, each suite comes with an array of perks. For instance, all suites are equipped with three flat screens, complete with Major League Baseball's "Extra Innings" package, and guests have access to the Play Studios Club Lounge directly behind home plate. Suite-holders also have a dedicated VIP entrance that opens 90 minutes prior to game time (which is 30 minutes earlier than the general public); VIP parking; dedicated restrooms; access to dessert and beverage carts that roam the club level throughout the game; and guaranteed giveaway items on promotional nights.

Then there's the unparalleled dining component. Fans in the regulation and owner's suites can choose from a variety of food and beverage options that start at $35 per person and include beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks, or they can customize their own menu. Those who rent the party suites can opt for a two-course progressive menu for $55 per person (beer and wine included). The first course from Executive Chef Garry includes such items as Buffalo chicken wraps, picnic salad, Cheetos-crusted mac-and-cheese and Korean barbecue roasted pork, while the second course features everything from a hot dog bar to vegan beef sliders to apple cobbler.

For suite-holders who want to raise the upscale bar yet another notch, there also are a half-dozen "signature experience" pre-fixe menus, including one curated by celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis.

"I would put our food and beverage menu up against the menu from any other sports-entertainment venue in the country - it truly is second to none," Eisenberg says. "Whichever direction suite-holders want to go with their menu, they're sure to come away satisfied, both in terms of quality and value."

Really, it all goes back to Las Vegas Ballpark's primary goal: Treat fans to a one-of-a-kind night (or even an entire season) they won't soon forget.

Interested in living the suite life at Las Vegas Ballpark, either for a single game or the remainder of the calendar year? Call the Aviators' sales department at 702-939-7200 or visit

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