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Aviators Fans Soaking Up Pool Experience

The latest sellout at Las Vegas Ballpark involves its 'coolest' feature

Before the Chicago Cubs snapped their 108-year World Series drought in 2016, the team's faithful would end every joyless season by singing the same tune: Wait till next year! It's a refrain that the Las Vegas Aviators' sales staff now must repeat to fans who inquire about renting the most desirable piece of real estate at brand-new Las Vegas Ballpark:

Sorry, wait till next year.

In a remarkable inaugural season in which sellouts have been more the norm than the exception, the Aviators already have flicked on the "no vacancy" sign as it pertains to the swimming pool beyond the center-field wall. That's right: As of May 13, Las Vegas Ballpark's "coolest" feature is sold out for the remainder of season.

"I figured we'd eventually sell it out, but I thought it would be a slower process," says Erik Eisenberg, the Aviators' vice president of ticket sales. "It's obviously one of the most unique parts of the stadium, so that's probably the main reason why it's been so popular. Also, since the ballpark opened in April, fans have been coming to the games and seeing people have such a good time out there, and they want to experience it, too."

One of those fans who had a good time was Patrick Ramsey, who rented the pool for the Aviators' game on May 4 against the Fresno Grizzlies. Ramsey learned about the pool's availability while Las Vegas Ballpark was under construction and reserved it for his daughter Raquel's 11th birthday party.

Like all fans who rent the pool at a cost of $2,000 per game, Ramsey received 50 game tickets, full access to the nearly 2,900-square-foot pool deck and several amenities. Those amenities include a personal server, a catered chef's table (for $25 per person), complimentary water, tea and lemonade, dedicated access to one side of the double-sided Hangar Bar, and two lifeguards.

Perhaps the best perk of all? The 14 seats inside the pool that face the field, allowing fans to view the game from an extremely unique perspective - all while chilling out in the 3½-foot deep pool.

"The thing we liked most is it appealed to all age groups," Ramsey says. "The girls celebrating my daughter's birthday had a blast swimming, and the parents liked lounging while watching the game from fantastic center-field seats. Our service was wonderful, the lifeguards were great, and the overall evening was a big hit for everybody."

Ramsey's experience was so positive that he says he'd consider reserving the pool again, be it for another birthday party, a corporate event or, as he put it, "a parents' night out!" Unfortunately, unless he knows someone who has already booked the pool for later this summer, Ramsey won't be able to make a second splash until next season. Even then, if Eisenberg's forecast is accurate, Ramsey and other interested fans might have to strike quickly when the team begins accepting pool reservations for the 2020 next season.

"It sold out this year by mid-May, and now people know about it," Eisenberg says. "So I predict it's going to sell out much sooner next year - probably before the season even starts."

Interested in reserving the pool for the 2020 season (or booking any other group outing)? Visit our group sales website, and make a deposit today!

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